CQHCWC staff members give reports at national lab management conference

Updated: 2023-06-16



Yi Siwei from the CQHCWC's Laboratory Department gives a report at the 12th National Conference of Clinical Laboratory Management in Xi'an. [Photo/CQHCWC]

Three staff members from the Laboratory Department of the Chongqing Health Center for Women and Children (Women and Children's Hospital of Chongqing Medical University), or CQHCWC, in Southwest China's Chongqing, were invited to attend and give reports at the 12th National Conference of Clinical Laboratory Management, which was held from June 9 to 11 in Xi'an, Shaanxi province.

The conference, sponsored by the Chinese Hospital Association and its Clinical Laboratory Specialized Committee, offers an important platform for clinical laboratory workers, laboratory managers and hospital managers nationwide to share and obtain laboratory management experience and information. It enjoys a strong reputation in the field of domestic laboratory medicine.

Yi Siwei, Qu Jialin and Li Siyue from the CQHCWC's Laboratory Department were invited to make reports during the meeting, with topics including "Laboratory Detection Technology and Management for the Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of Syphilis", "Standardized Management of POCT (point-of-care testing) Portable Blood Glucose Meters", and "Indoor Quality Control Practice of Thalassemia Gene Detection". The reports fully demonstrated the rapid development and core competitiveness improvement of the center's laboratory medicine discipline in recent years.

The Laboratory Department of the CQHCWC, founded in 1945, has developed into a modern clinical medical laboratory integrating medical treatment, teaching and scientific research. It has six sub-specialties - clinical blood and body fluid testing, clinical biochemical testing, clinical immunology testing, clinical microbiological testing, molecular diagnosis, and clinical blood transfusion testing.

The laboratory currently performs more than 250 maternal and child-related tests. It boasts a team of professional laboratory physicians and blood transfusion physicians, and has opened a blood transfusion clinic to provide efficient and high-quality examination services.

As a provincial-level training base for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of AIDS, syphilis and hepatitis B, the laboratory has established a comprehensive clinical testing and blood transfusion quality system in accordance with the ISO15189 standard, which fully guarantees the accuracy and reliability of the testing results.

In the past three years, the department has attached great importance to discipline construction and personnel training. It has been approved for one project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and 11 projects at the provincial-ministerial level. One of its staff members has been selected as a high-end young and middle-aged medical talent in Chongqing.

The department has published more than 30 papers in domestic and foreign journals, including 14 collected by the Science Citation Index (SCI). It has also won honorary titles like the "National Women's Civilized Post" and "Chongqing Anti-epidemic Pioneer".