CQHCWC offers online follow-up and medicine mailing services

Updated: 2022-11-15


The Chongqing Health Center for Women and Children (Women and Children's Hospital of Chongqing Medical University), or CQHCWC, in Southwest China's Chongqing has recently started to provide online follow-up consultation and medicine mailing services in order to optimize the medical treatment process and offer more convenience to patients.

1. Online follow-up consultation

(1) Target groups: Patients with common and chronic diseases who need long-term medication and regular testing, especially those who have offline outpatient or inpatient records at the CQHCWC within the past half-month.

Note: This function is not applicable to first-time patients, acutely or critically ill patients, or patients with hard-to-treat diseases.

(2) Specific functions: After the patient chooses a doctor for online follow-up consultation on the Internet Hospital and submits an application, the doctor can communicate with the patient online and check their medical records via picture, text, voice or video.

2. Medicine mailing

Patients can choose to pick up their medicine at the hospital or get them delivered to their homes. The delivery service leaves the choice of logistics company up to the patient and should be paid separately. Patients in urgent need of medication should seek prescriptions offline.

Online follow-up procedures

1. Follow the medical service account of CQHCWC

Follow the official WeChat account of CQHCWC, select "Smart Hospital" and then "Internet Hospital" below.

2. Bind and login

Users with a bound electronic health card can directly select "Online Follow-up Consultation" for registration.

Other users click "Add Patient" in the "My" menu to enter information to bind the account and then link their electronic health cards.

3. Find the doctor you need to make an appointment with

Read the informed consent form → choose the correct doctor in the correct department → choose the service you wish to receive

When you make an appointment for the doctor's online service, you need to describe your symptoms in detail. When you make an appointment for a follow-up service, your account must be associated with CQHCWC's offline medical record.

4. Communicate with the doctor

After the doctor receives a consultation, you can directly enter the chat interface via the message notification on the WeChat official account, and then communicate with the doctor through text or picture.

5. The doctor prescribes medicine/payment

After the doctor prescribes the prescription, you can see the prescription on the chat interface. After the pharmacist reviews the prescription, you can enter the payment interface through "Payment".

6. Medicine delivery

Check the prescription issued by the doctor → select the delivery method → add/select the delivery address → pay the medicine fee on your mobile phone → pick up the medicine and sign for a receipt.

After the prescription is paid successfully, the pharmacy will process the medicine according to the delivery method you selected. If you choose express delivery, the pharmacy will notify you on the WeChat account after delivery, and you can also check the progress of express delivery through the notification.

7. Others

If you want to consult the delivery progress of the medicine after the payment is completed, you can initiate a "Request Service" in the current order.