CQHCWC offers system ultrasound service on weekends

Updated: 2022-11-08


In order to better meet the medical needs of pregnant women and those who need to see a doctor on the weekends, the Chongqing Health Center for Women and Children (Women and Children's Hospital of Chongqing Medical University), or CQHCWC in Southwest China's Chongqing, now offers system ultrasound examination services on the weekends.

The service will greatly benefit pregnant women who need to work on weekdays or live far away from the center, and those with abnormal fetal development.

I. How to make an appointment

1. Expecting mothers who have received a nuchal translucency test (NT scan) at the CQHCWC (on-site appointment):

Following the NT ultrasound examination, patients can make an on-site appointment at the triage desk of the Ultrasonography Department (Area C, 3rd Floor, Outpatient Department) with the ultrasound examination application form issued by the obstetrician.

2. Non-emergency expecting mothers (online appointment):

Mothers who have not received an NT ultrasound examination at the CQHCWC and who are not in an emergency can make an appointment through the official WeChat account of the CQHCWC after undergoing an NT ultrasound examination at another hospital.

Online appointment instructions:

(1) Follow the official WeChat account of CQHCWC, and click "Smart Hospital".


(2) Select "System Ultrasound Appointment".


(3) Click "Enter Appointment Information".


3. Expecting mothers with an abnormal referral or in case of emergency:

Go to the Pregnancy Health Center (the original Obstetrics Clinic) or the Prenatal Diagnosis Center Clinic (Area C, 2nd Floor, Outpatient Department) to issue an ultrasound examination application form, and then go to the triage desk of the Ultrasonography Department (Area C, 3rd Floor, Outpatient Department) to check out the number and receive an examination.

II. Matters that need attention

1. All expecting mothers who make an appointment for an ultrasound examination on the weekends and holidays, and those who make a temporary appointment or abnormal referral to the Ultrasonography Department, must receive an examination under the requirement of the "specially-needed fetal system ultrasound" and "specially-needed fetal echocardiography" at the center;

2. Expecting mothers who need to make an online appointment for a system ultrasound should fill in the appointment information completely, and are encouraged to upload their NT ultrasound examination reports or the latest 1-2 ultrasound examination reports;

3. Due to the limitation of the number of personnel and equipment, some online applicants may not be able to make an appointment, so please pay attention to the system feedback information;

4. Successful online applicants will be informed of their specific examination time and related examination precautions.

III. Telephone consultation

1. Triage desk of the Ultrasonography Department: 023-63315011, 023-60354359

2. Triage Desk of the Pregnancy Health Center: 023-60354355, 023-60354356