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Things you should know about tooth decay

Updated: 2022-09-14


Tooth decay, also known as dental caries, is a kind of progressive damage to the hard tissue of teeth caused by a combination of factors in the oral cavity. It is the most common dental disease in daily life.

Tooth decay may cause a lot of harm. Mild tooth decay will affect chewing, while severe tooth decay, or untreated tooth decay, may cause dental pulp disease, periapical disease, jawbone inflammation and other complications. These may even become oral lesions, affecting the health of the whole body. Tooth decay is the main cause of children's tooth loss, and the early loss of children's teeth not only hinders their digestion, but also affects the normal development of the maxillofacial region.

There are four main causes of tooth decay, namely bacteria, oral environment, host (that is teeth), and time. Among them, maintaining a good oral environment is the most effective and convenient means of preventing tooth decay.

Ways to prevent tooth decay

1. Brushing and gargling

After a baby gets teeth, parents can use a soft towel or cloth to scrub their teeth. After they reach three years of age, babies can learn to brush their teeth on their own, once in the morning and once in the evening. The upper teeth should be brushed from top to bottom, and the lower teeth from bottom to top, and both inside and outside should be brushed. Attention should be paid to brushing the bite surface of the back teeth, so that the food residues between the teeth and on each tooth surface can be brushed clean. In addition to brushing, dental floss, water flossers and other tools can also be used to thoroughly clean the teeth.

2. Reduce or control sugar in your diet

Eat more vegetables, fruits and foods rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, etc. Try to eat coarse grain as much as possible.

3. Enhance the anti-caries ability of teeth

Fluoride coating, pit and fissure sealing and other means are often used to enhance the resistance of children’s teeth to caries.

Follow the above tips, check your teeth regularly every three months to half a year and take precautions to prevent tooth decay.

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