CQHCWC activity calls for volunteer blood donations

Updated: 2022-06-20



The CQHCWC holds a blood donation activity on June 13. [Photo/CQHCWC]

The Chongqing Health Center for Women and Children (Women and Children's Hospital of Chongqing Medical University), or CQHCWC, in Southwest China's Chongqing, held a volunteer blood donation activity on June 13 to mark World Blood Donor Day the following day.

Employees at the center took the lead in donating blood to encourage more healthy and age-appropriate people to support and participate in volunteer blood donation and ensure clinical blood use.


CQHCWC staff members donate blood during a blood donation activity on June 13. [Photo/CQHCWC]

Some medical workers just finished operations, some just finished the night shift and haven't rested, and others are rushing to work after donating blood during short breaks. Some family members of patients also donated blood.

A total of 253 people participated in the blood donation activity, donating a total of 76,820 milliliters of blood.

The blood donation activity demonstrated the dedication and responsibility of CQHCWC staff members, who will continue working to ensure the health of women and children in the municipality.