Obstetrics First Department

Updated: 2021-12-29


Established in 2020, the Obstetrics First Department of the Chongqing Health Center for Women and Children, or CQHCWC – located in Southwest China's Chongqing – is a specialty which integrates medical treatment, teaching and scientific research. As an important department of the baby-friendly hospital – designed to implement breastfeeding policies and various measures to promote the success of breastfeeding – the Obstetrics First Department is a professional team with leading techniques, exceptional skills and high-quality services.

Prenatal diagnosis center: As one of the first prenatal diagnosis service institutions in Chongqing, the center takes the lead in the city in such prenatal diagnosis technical services as prenatal screening, genetic counseling, medical imaging, biochemical immunity and cytogenetic and molecular genetic diagnosis. The center has adopted a variety of fetal materials collection methods, such as chorionic villus sampling, amniocentesis and umbilical vein punctures, basically covering all the current prenatal diagnosis and genetic disease diagnosis projects that can be carried out in China. It has become one of the consultation and referral centers for clinical genetic diseases and prenatal diagnosis in Chongqing and Southwest China.

Features of the department: Prenatal diagnosis-related diseases and cervical insufficiency.

Clinical services: The department is highly proficient at consultations, examinations and guidance before pregnancy, as well as in education, management and measurements during pregnancy. It is also skilled at treating various obstetric high-risk pregnancies and intractable diseases, as well as handling various dystocia, obstetric comorbidities and complications, especially prenatal diagnosis-related diseases and cervical insufficiency. The department boasts rich experience in monitoring and guidance during pregnancies, deliveries, surgeries and the prevention and treatment of postpartum complications.

The department has rich clinical experience in the etiology, diagnosis and treatment of cervical insufficiency. Wang Xueyan, head of the department, has been long engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of cervical insufficiency and boasts rich experience in cervical cerclage surgeries. Patients with cervical insufficiency at 12-24+6 gestational weeks of pregnancy – undergoing cervical cerclage surgeries after evaluation – will see significant prolonged gestational age, increased fetal survival rate and reduced fetal complications.

Pediatricians are stationed in the Obstetrics First Department to observe, check and offer screening to newborns, in order to promptly identify possible abnormalities in newborns and ensure their safety and health.

Specialty services:

1. Our VIP clinic focuses on sound child-rearing consultations, health care during pregnancy, health guidance and high-risk pregnancy management. Obstetricians from the department offer outpatient services every day. The delivery room is equipped with full-time tertiary physicians who are responsible for the whole-process management of the mother's delivery process, effectively guaranteeing the safety of both the mother and the newborn during the delivery period.

2. Pediatricians participate in the delivery process and every delivery site has a pediatrician involved in the care and treatment of newborns at birth; pediatricians stationed in the obstetrics ward comprehensively manage newborns and provide a strong guarantee for their safety.

3. New concepts and techniques for midwifery: The department adopts advanced birth-assistance concepts and techniques such as labor analgesia, free-position delivery and unconventional perineum-protected delivery to promote natural delivery, highlighting humanized services and offering care for pregnant women and newborns.

4. "One-to-one" responsible midwifery: During the delivery process, the midwife conducts one-to-one observation and management for pregnant women, also providing physical and psychological support and assistance to ensure the safety of mothers and their babies.

5. Midwife doula companion service: Pregnant women after 36 weeks of gestation can couple with the midwife in the midwife clinic, enabling consultations and guidance of pregnancy and childbirth.

6. The department offers high-quality obstetrics nursing services such as bedside nursing for mothers and babies, newborn physical and intelligence development training, newborn touching, newborn swimming and postpartum rehabilitation for mothers.

Professional team: The department has 15 obstetricians and six pediatricians, including two physicians with senior professional titles, two with senior associate professional titles, four with intermediate professional titles and seven with junior professional titles. Thirteen have doctorates or master's degrees. The department has 37 nurses, including one midwife, two breastfeeding consultants and three perinatal specialist nurses.