CQHCWC hosts training on improving breastfeeding skills

Updated: 2021-12-15



A training session on baby-friendly hospital management and breastfeeding techniques is held online at the CQHCWC on Dec 10. [Photo/CQHCWC]

A training session themed on baby-friendly hospital management and improving breastfeeding skills was held on Dec 10 at the Chongqing Health Center for Women and Children, or CQHCWC – located in Southwest China's Chongqing.

Adopting online recording and broadcasting, online live broadcasts and on-site training, the event involved the participation of more than 3,000 medical workers in the city, attracting more than 60,000 online hits.

Eight leading industry experts – from Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Capital Medical University, Peking University People's Hospital and other hospitals – gave lectures during the event.

Topics ranged from policy requirements and management experience in baby-friendly hospitals, the breastfeeding of mothers with infectious diseases and postpartum breastfeeding support measures, to follow-up management at primary baby-friendly hospitals.

Following the lectures, nine nursing teachers conducted four live broadcasts focusing on the full cycle of breastfeeding and offered an online interactive area for viewers.

Over the next two days, a number of trainees will also be selected in batches to receive intensive training in the wards of the center.

Focusing on the current status of baby-friendly hospital management and improving breastfeeding techniques, it was expected that the training would strengthen breastfeeding concepts among the city's medical workers.

It was expected to improve the level of breastfeeding theory and operational skills and play a positive role in regulating the management of baby-friendly hospitals, as well as ensuring the safety of mothers and their babies.