CQHCWC holds online breastfeeding event

Updated: 2021-08-09



A performance is staged during CQHCWC's event on Aug 6 to mark World Breastfeeding Week. [Photo/CQHCWC]

An online breastfeeding publicity event was held at the Ranjiaba branch of the Chongqing Health Center for Women and Children (CQHCWC) in Southwest China's Chongqing on Aug 6 to mark the 30th World Breastfeeding Week, which ran on Aug 1-7 this year.

The event, livestreamed on various online platforms, attracted around 9,000 online visitors.

Wang Jian, secretary of the Party committee of the CQHCWC, addressed the event, saying that although the event was held online, unlike in the past, the hospital's offline services for mothers and children will not change.

The CQHCWC will continue to spread knowledge about breastfeeding to mothers, and help them with challenges such as preparing for pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.

It will also work to enhance society's attention, care and love for women and children, the Party secretary added.

During the event, representatives from departments such as the Obstetric Outpatient Department, the Women's Health Care Department, and the Neonatal Department staged performances related to breastfeeding, confinement in childbirth, and the storage of breast milk.

Two new mothers also shared their experience with breastfeeding.