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Sun Hailan


Personal resume: Sun Hailan, deputy chief nutritionist, graduated from the Third Military Medical University of Chinese People's Liberation Army (now Army Medical University) with a master's degree. He has been engaged in clinical maternal and child nutrition for 15 years. He is now a member and secretary of the Nutrition Screening-Undernutrition-Support-Outcome-Cost/effective (NUSOC) collaborative group of the Chinese Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, a member of the nutritional medicine committee of the Chinese Medical Education Association, a youth member of the nutrition and food safety committee of the Chinese Geriatrics Association, a youth member of the nutrition committee of the Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine, and a member of the nutrition and dietary therapy committee of the Chongqing Association of Integrative Medicine. He has been interviewed by Chongqing TV Station and other media platforms on many occasions to promote the education of children's growth and nutrition and push the construction of related platforms.

Medical diagnosis and treatment field and expertise: Sun is experienced with various weight management techniques; nutrition requirements and support during pregnancy and childbirth; catch-up nutritional support for infants and young children with limited growth and development; nutrition requirements for children with allergies, anorexia and sleep disorders; enteral nutrition support for patients with trauma or after major surgeries and those in the perioperative period; nutrition support for patients with digestive tract diseases, and more.

Published works and other projects: He has published 16 papers in the past five years, including two in SCI and 14 in Chinese language.