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Lei Xiaofeng


Personal resume: Lei Xiaofeng, male, 47, is a chief physician. He graduated from the department of anesthesiology of Chongqing Medical University with a master's degree in anesthesiology. He has been engaged in clinical anesthesia and intensive care medicine for more than two decades, boasting comprehensive theoretical knowledge of anesthesia and the care of critical diseases, as well as rich clinical experience.

Medical diagnosis and treatment field and expertise: He is good at perioperative management of acute and critical obstetrics patients and elderly gynecological patients with multiple complications. He is also adept at perioperative management of non-cardiac surgery for patients with heart disease. He can conduct blood transfusions, anticoagulation, antiplatelet and hemostatic applications, and use fiber bronchoscopy to deal with difficult airway diseases. Lei is proficient in perioperative placement of temporary cardiac pacemakers, Swan-Ganz, and hemodynamic monitoring.

Published works and other projects: He has published more than 10 papers in CSCD, presided over one provincial-level natural science foundation subject, one provincial-level scientific research subject, and participated in guiding multiple provincial- and municipal-level subjects. He is now a standing committee member of the national youth committee of the Chinese Geriatrics Society and a national youth member of the anesthesia committee of the China Anti-Cancer Association.