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Gao Han


Personal resume: Gao Han, with a master's degree in medicine, is a deputy chief physician. She is a member of the standing committee of the breast health committee of the China Maternal and Child Health Association and a member of the committee’s mastitis prevention and treatment and breastfeeding promotion group. She is also a member of the China breast cancer screening, prevention and treatment training base management committee, a member of the minimally invasive tumor-treatment committee of the Haixi medical and health development center of the Association for Health Exchange and Cooperation Across the Taiwan Straits, and a member of the breast cancer prevention and treatment expert committee of the China Health Promotion Foundation. In addition to these posts, Gao is the chairwoman of the breast health committee of the Chongqing Maternal and Child Hygiene Association.

Medical diagnosis and treatment field and expertise: Gao has worked in clinical treatment in the breast department for nearly two decades, which endows her with rich experience in clinical diagnosis and treatment for breast and thyroid diseases. She is especially adept at the treatment of breast cancer and minimally invasive breast surgeries. She also oversees the supervision and promotion work for the screening of cervical cancer and breast cancer at Chongqing Health Center for Women and Children, as well as teaching, guidance, and quality-control work for Chongqing's breast cancer screening efforts.

Published works and other projects: Gao mainly studies the effect of breast cancer serological markers in the early diagnosis of breast cancer and neoadjuvant chemotherapy. She has published five core papers in CSCD and boasts eight patents for utility models.