CQHCWC ranks 13th among national maternity hospitals

Updated: 2021-04-08


Chongqing Health Center for Women and Children (CQHCWC) ranked 13th among 117 tertiary maternity hospitals in the country in 2019, up two places compared with 2018, according to an announcement made by the National Health Commission on March 30.

The announcement was based on the results of a performance appraisal for national tertiary public hospitals in 2019.

The appraisal is an important part of furthering the reform of public hospitals and modern hospital management and has been hailed as the nation's most authoritative, scientific and objective evaluation of hospital management and operation. It aims to promote the high-quality development of public hospitals and effectively improve patient experiences.

During the appraisal, CQHCWC got full marks in more than 10 assessment categories, such as the incidence of surgical complications and the mortality rate of low-risk cases.

In addition, CQHCWC realized the full coverage of high-quality nursing service wards and offered a full range of convenient online services for patients.

In recent years, CQHCWC has attached great importance to people-oriented services, and it has become a leader among the provincial-level maternal and child health care hospitals in the country.

The hospital has been recognized as a "national civilized unit" for five consecutive sessions, among other honors, establishing a good brand image among women and children in Chongqing and surrounding provinces and cities.

It continues to expand its service scope and enhance service capacity, advancing the establishment of the country's first perinatal medical center with German Class I standards, and improving its treatment capabilities for critically ill pregnant women and newborns. CQHCWC has built a high-quality maternal and child health service system by improving the atmosphere in its departments and strengthening management.

CQHCWC also gives full play to its leading role in the city's maternal and child health care system, providing comprehensive support and guidance – from clinical technology to group health care – to lower-level institutions. It has provided tens of thousands of cases of remote ultrasound, consultation and electrocardiogram diagnosis for maternal and child health institutions in the Maternal and Child Health Specialty Alliance.

Embracing its well-deserved honors, CQHCWC will further improve its hospital management system, optimize its business process and establish a sound and efficient operating mechanism to offer better services to women and children.