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CQHCWC hosts tree-planting activity

Updated: 2021-03-19


植树节1 .jpg

Children and their parents plant lemon trees at CQHCWC on March 12. [Photo/Slow News]

Chongqing Health Center for Women and Children (CQHCWC) held a tree-planting activity on March 12 to mark Tree Planting Day. Twenty families participated in the event.

Wang Nianrong, director of the Children's Health Care Department, gave a lecture on "Promoting Children's Growth and Development" before the activity.

After the lecture, participating children and their parents planted lemon trees at the hospital and hung hand-made wish cards on the trees.


CQHCWC medical workers and participating families pose for a group photo on March 12. [Photo/Slow News]

During the activity, Wang stated that parents could start early childhood education when babies are 1-month old. This training focuses on vision, hearing, touch, taste and other aspects.

For children in families suffering from genetic diseases or related illnesses, they are advised to come to the hospital for regular checkups and relevant early education courses.

Wang Jian, secretary of the Party committee of CQHCWC, said that patients now expect higher-quality medical services and a better hospital experience. The hospital's environment can affect both the psychological feelings of patients and their recovery from diseases.

Wang added the activity is part of the "Beautiful Hospital" program, and she hoped that children can grow up as healthily as the lemon trees they planted.