Women's Health Care Department

Updated: 2021-03-05


The Women's Health Care Department of Chongqing Health Center for Women and Children (CQHCWC) provides health care services for women of all ages, ranging from the adolescent, premarital and pre-pregnancy periods to the early pregnancy, postpartum and lactation periods. It is a female employees' disease screening center in Chongqing, undertaking general screening and treating women's diseases.

The department offers services such as gynecological examinations, type-B ultrasound, breast color ultrasound, breast mammography, colposcopy, TCT and HPV screening. It provides a service platform for the early diagnosis and treatment of diseases for women of childbearing age.

It provides pre-pregnancy health care services and is a crucial specialty department of maternal and child health care in Chongqing.

The department is also responsible for the guidance of women's health care in the city. It is in charge of the city’s premarital health care and adolescent health care, as well as basic public health projects for women in Chongqing, including the folic acid supplement project, the thalassemia screening project, the breast cancer and cervical cancer examination project for women in rural areas, the adolescent health and development project, and the adolescent sexual and reproductive health project in Chongqing.

Main services:

•  Gynecological general examination for female employees;

•  Personal medical check-up outpatient service;

•  Premarital check-up and pre-pregnancy check-up outpatient service;

•  Adolescent health care outpatient service;

•  Early pregnancy outpatient service;

•  Postpartum health care outpatient service;

•  Andrology outpatient service.