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General Gynecology Department

Updated: 2021-03-03


The General Gynecology Department of Chongqing Health Center for Women and Children (CQHCWC) is a key department of the hospital. It boasts a highly skilled medical team of 61 staff members, including 21 doctors and 36 nurses. Three have senior titles, three have senior associate titles, and three are doctors of medicine.

The department currently has 88 beds, with an average annual outpatient capacity of more than 30,000, and the number of discharged patients is more than 6,000 annually. It performs more than 5,000 surgeries each year.

The department mainly treats diseases, including various gynecological benign and malignant tumors, heterotopic pregnancy, cesarean scar pregnancy and intrauterine adhesion. All medical staff members in the department are committed to providing patients with a comprehensive, high-quality and safe diagnosis and treatment environment.

It is currently a standardized training base for gynecology and obstetrics resident physicians in Chongqing and was approved as a municipal-level medical specialty department in 2009.

Adhering to technology, scientific research, innovation and a talent-oriented development path, the department has cultivated many medical, education and scientific research professionals.

In the past three years, the department has published more than 40 papers, of which seven have been collected by the Science Citation Index (SCI). It has also obtained three patents and presided over seven scientific research projects at the Bureau-Director level, Provincial-Ministerial level or above.

The General Gynecology Department focuses on the minimally invasive and individualized diagnosis and treatment methods, designing the most suitable treatment plans for each patient.

In recent years, the department has highlighted the development of hysteroscopy technology. It has organized six training courses on practical hysteroscopy technology at CQHCWC and trained 300 hysteroscopy students. It has carried out nearly 100,000 hysteroscopy surgeries – leading the municipality in both surgery numbers and operating difficulty.

Scope of diagnosis and treatment:

• Laparoscopic surgeries;

• Hysteroscopic surgeries;

• Transvaginal surgeries;

• Laparotomies;

• Conservative treatment;

• And more.