CQHCWC holds training session on high-risk obstetric surgery

Updated: 2021-01-18



Participants pose for a group photo after the training session held on Dec 27, 2020. [Photo/WeChat account of CQHCWC]

The first cervical cerclage training session and high-risk obstetric surgery training event hosted by Chongqing Maternal and Child Hygiene Association was held at the Ranjiaba branch of Chongqing Health Center for Women and Children (CQHCWC) on Dec 27, 2020. The event attracted the participation of more than 100 medical workers from all over Chongqing.

At the activity's opening ceremony, Wang Xueyan, deputy director of CQHCWC's No.1 Obstetric Department, shared the relevant diagnosis experience and her treatment knowledge of cervical incompetence. Wang has more than 20 years' experience in this specific medical field.

CQHCWC's four experienced clinical experts gave theoretical lectures on hot issues related to cervical incompetence and high-risk obstetric surgery during the training session.

After the theoretical training, under experts' guidance at the Ranjiaba branch's clinical skills training center, the trainees received practical instruction on vaginal cervical cerclage assessment and various high-risk obstetric operations.

According to trainees, through the training session, all of them consolidated and expanded their theoretical knowledge and gained a further understanding of cervical cerclage surgery technology, which provided new ideas and new inspiration for the future development of obstetric clinical technology.