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Antimicrobial drugs abuse is harmful to children, here's why

Updated: 2020-11-27


1. Hazards of antimicrobial drugs abuse to children

Antimicrobial drugs are very effective in the treatment of bacterial infections and have saved the lives of countless children, but the harm of their abuse cannot be ignored.

In addition to the well-known instances of drug-resistant bacteria and adverse drug reactions to antimicrobial drugs, abuse of the drugs can cause long-term harm to children:

(1) Studies have found that early childhood use of antimicrobial drugs increases the risk of allergic diseases such as asthma.

(2) In recent years, studies have suggested that antimicrobial drug abuse may be associated with various neuropsychiatric disorders, including autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and depression, and other illnesses such as obesity, hypertension, type 1 diabetes and other chronic diseases.

2. Measures to reduce antimicrobial drugs abuse

The most effective way to reduce the use of antimicrobial drugs is to reduce the incidence of infection. This can be achieved by:

(1) Washing hands properly.

(2) Eating clean and hygienic food.

(3) Reducing contact with the family members with infectious diseases.

(4) Timely vaccinations: In addition to the vaccines that must be administered according to law, vaccination against influenza and pneumonia can also be considered.

3. Correct practices while using antimicrobial drugs

(1) Do not buy or use antimicrobial drugs arbitrarily, and consult professional medics before using them.

(2) Do not discontinue antimicrobial drugs at will: inadequate course of medication can lead to repeated illness and increased dosages of antimicrobial drugs in the later period.

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