CQHCWC acts to promote poverty alleviation

Updated: 2020-10-21



Medics from CQHCWC go to a hospital in Chamdo, Tibet autonomous region, to provide assistance. [Photo/cqfybjy.com]

In recent years, Chongqing Health Center for Women and Children (CQHCWC) has established an effective working mechanism and achieved good results by focusing on the deployment of the national poverty alleviation strategy, with comprehensive efforts in the areas of health, industry, consumption and employment.

Since 2015, CQHCWC has donated more than 700,000 yuan ($105,210) worth of various medical devices and equipment to hospitals in Chamdo, Tibet autonomous region. It has dispatched five doctors and midwives from its Obstetrics, Gynecology and Ultrasound Departments to help with the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department building of Chamdo People's Hospital.

In May this year, CQHCWC successfully rescued a premature infant from Chamdo.

Taking the "capacity improvement for caring maternal and child health" project in Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture in Sichuan province as an opportunity, the hospital has dispatched 12 experts in batches to stay in the local hospitals for more than 150 days since the start of the project in 2019. Through various means such as special skill training, experts from CQHCWC have delivered more than 40 special instruction sessions to local medical staff members. CQHCWC offered an additional subsidy project fund of 110,000 yuan for the local maternal and child health sector.

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