Midwife outpatient clinic provides one-on-one consulting services for expectant mothers

Updated: 2020-09-28


Delivery is the final step of the pregnancy and childbirth experience, and it tends to make expectant mothers both excited and anxious. Natural delivery is the healthiest way to give birth. However, pregnant women often have concerns and doubts about the process due to their poor medical knowledge.

To help alleviate expectant mothers' concerns, the Chongqing Health Center for Women and Children (CQHCWC) has set up a midwife outpatient clinic to provide one-on-one consulting services.

The midwife outpatient clinic is staffed by experienced midwives and is designed to provide expectant mothers with maternity knowledge, resources and professional training. Among the services offered are psychological counseling for pregnant women, exercise tips and information on child delivery, pain relief options, labor signs, the waiting process and dietary guidance during labor.

The clinic is also tasked with providing tips for selecting the appropriate delivery option and what new mothers can expect during the delivery process, among other related topics. Through birth rehearsal, expectant mothers become familiar with the delivery environment and pain alleviation techniques, helping them build up confidence and face their delivery-related fears.

The outpatient clinic provides specific guidance and detailed answers to questions on prenatal physiology, psychology, life and more, while considering the different situations of expectant mothers.

Midwives at the outpatient clinic will work with each expectant mother to develop a delivery plan and record the pregnant woman's requirements.

Obstetricians and anesthesiologists will evaluate each expectant mother before entering the delivery room. These evaluations, combined with the pregnant woman's needs, will allow the hospital to provide labor analgesia to alleviate uterine contraction pain, improve the delivery experience and provide more personalized medical services.

At the midwifery clinic, expectant mothers can make an appointment for a senior clinical midwife to answer their questions in a WeChat chat group.

The outpatient clinic provides free follow-up services, including health status monitoring of postpartum mothers and perineum wound care assistance for puerpera. Pelvic floor rehabilitation health education is also offered to provide more thoughtful and meticulous services for postpartum women.

Location of midwife clinic: Room 6, area C, 2nd floor, outpatient department of CQHCWC Ranjiaba Branch

Outpatient time: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm, 2:00 pm – 5:30 pm on weekdays