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Pre-pregnancy advice for men

Updated: 2020-07-15


It is almost every couple's wish to have a healthy and intelligent baby. However, over the past few decades, many studies have shown that quality of men's semen is declining and men face greater challenges as couples prepare to have a baby.

At present, the global incidence of sterility and infertility is about 15 percent, of which male and female factors account for half respectively. In order to ensure smooth preparations for pregnancy, it is better for men to make the following preparations.

1. Grasp the optimum reproductive age

The fertility of women decreases with age and is completely lost after menopause. Male fertility can be maintained for a longer time than female fertility. There are many men who choose to be a father after they have had a successful career.

However, as men age the sperm quality gradually declines and the cumulative incidence of chromosomal aberrations and mutations in their germ cells will gradually increase, which is also very detrimental to the health of the fetus.

Generally speaking, when 25 to 35 years old, men have relatively good physical functions, so it is better to try for a baby before 35 years old.

2. Assessment of fertility in advance

Before starting pregnancy preparation, men can go to a regular hospital for a detailed fertility examination, and the doctor can check the development of the reproductive system, such as the size and texture of the testis, whether there's problem of cryptorchidism and so on.

During the checkup, the most important thing is to check the quality of sperm, including semen volume, liquefaction time, sperm concentration, the sperm count, sperm motility, normal morphology and other indicators. If the indicators for the semen are normal, preparations for a pregnancy can start; if semen parameters are abnormal, further examination and treatment is needed.

3. Improve your lifestyle

Poor lifestyle is an important cause of declining male fertility. Men usually have greater work and family pressures and sometimes develop some bad habits, such as smoking, alcohol abuse, or a long-term sedentary lifestyle, etc.

These bad habits will undoubtedly reduce the quality of sperm and affect a successful outcome. Men are advised to smoke less, drink less and not to stay up late and try to avoid staying in high temperature environment for too long, such as sauna bath, hot springs, etc. Increase your exercise routine moderately and develop good work and rest habits.

In short, every healthy fetus is hard to come by. Fertility is the common goal of both the husband and wife. Pregnancy preparations also require the joint efforts of both parties.