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Introduction to the CQHCWC's 'Beautiful Hospital' construction

Updated: 2020-07-10


In 2018, Southwest China's Chongqing issued a plan to improve and beautify its hospitals to make them even more comfortable for patients and visitors -- called "Beautiful Hospital" -- according to local officials.

Under it, Chongqing conducted work at various medical and health institutions at all levels in the city, focusing on delivering hospitals with a great environment, great services and a great culture.

In the wake of the city's call, the Chongqing Health Center for Women and Children (CQHCWC) set up a special leading group to take up the challenge and hold meetings for mobilizing and deploying staff members to carry out the project.

In order to ensure that the changes met the development and construction needs of the hospital, CQHCWC modified the implementation plan.

To date, CQHCWC has made great achievements in the reconstruction of its intra-hospital environment.

It has forged ahead with the renovation and upgrading of toilets, improvements to the food safety and health management of canteens, as well as the establishment of infrastructure for better and more convenient services.

Efforts have been made to boost other infrastructure, improve the working environment of medical staff members, the treatment of medical waste and domestic garbage, as well as the construction of logistics facilities -- not forgetting improving the hospital's cultural environment.