CQHCWC rescues critically ill pregnant woman

Updated: 2020-07-07



CQHCWC doctors ask the patient how she is feeling. [Photo/WeChat account of CQHCWC]

A pregnant woman with severe arrhythmia -- irregular heartbeat -- was successfully rescued recently at the Chongqing Health Center for Women and Children (CQHCWC) in Southwest China's Chongqing.

Her life was saved after the concerted efforts of the CQHCWC's Department of Intensive Care Medicine and Obstetrics Clinic -- highlighting the advantages of multidisciplinary cooperation at the hospital in the treatment of critically ill pregnant women.

According to a June 6 news release on the CQHCWC's public WeChat account, the 30-year-old woman received by the hospital was pregnant the second time and was at gestational age of 22 weeks and 5 days.

After assessing her medical history, doctors completed their examination in the Emergency Department. In view of the critical condition of the patient, the hospital immediately initiated an intra-hospital emergency rescue plan and quickly opened a fast channel for admission to the Department of Intensive Care Medicine.

The patient was given intensive care immediately after admission and doctors from the emergency team gave her a series of three symptomatic drug injections and performed more than half an hour of active rescue.

Finally, the pregnant woman's heart rhythm converted to a sinus or regular, and her symptoms were enough for the rescue team to relax.

For now, the pregnant woman is out of critical danger and continues to await the delivery of her child.

CQHCWC's Department of Intensive Care Medicine has first-class international and domestic monitoring equipment and a leading professional medical team engaged in critical care medicine.

It has successfully treated various critical illnesses such as amniotic fluid embolisms, refractory postpartum hemorrhages, various shocks, pregnancy complicated with cardiopulmonary dysfunction, pregnancy induced hypertension and other conditions.