CQHCWC moves closer to becoming an intelligent hospital

Updated: 2020-06-18


After nearly three months of system configurations, online testing and trial operations, the smooth issuance of the first outpatient e-medical bill on June 15 was a landmark moment for the Chongqing Health Center for Women and Children (CQHCWC) in Southwest China's Chongqing, according to CQHCWC officials.

The said it marked the success of the electronic reform of financial medical bills at the CQHCWC, and also marked a major step forward in the construction of an intelligent hospital there.

The utilization of electronic medical bills can effectively reduce the management costs of the hospital and greatly shorten waiting times for patients.

After a patient pays the bill, the information is updated by the electronic bill system which can be self-checked on the website according to personal needs -- and the electronic bill can be automatically stored as an original printed voucher, to avoid worry about the potential loss of a paper bill.

In addition, it can improve the level of medical services in hospitals.

CQHCWC officials said the application of electronic bills has changed the original mode of relying solely on paper to print paper receipts as a medical voucher.

Without changing the original medical procedure, patients can choose which way to pay according to their own needs, which improves the service levels of the hospital and complies with the trend of the informatization of "internet+medical services".

In the future, the CQHCWC plans to promote the use of inpatient electronic bills and comprehensively promote the utilization of electronic financial bills.

Officials said that in combination with the development of the hospital's unified payment platform, it will help realize self-service payments, self-service settlements, self-service printing of expense lists, etc.

Officials said this will further promote the development of the intelligent hospital, improve service levels and improve the experience of patients.