CQHCWC provides free clinics in Xiushan county

Updated: 2020-06-17



A medical expert from CQHCWC in Southwest China's Chongqing gives a lecture on the current situation and significance of breast cancer screening at Xiushan county's hospital for women and children on June 13. [Photo provided by CQHCWC]

Medical experts from the Chongqing Health Center for Women and Children in Southwest China's Chongqing on June 12-13 visited Xiushan county's hospital for women and children -- to carry out breast cancer screening technical guidance and hold free clinics activity -- according to officials from the county, which is administered by Chongqing.

More than 100 local medical staff members were trained in lectures given by the CQHCWC experts and more than 200 local residents were seen at the free clinics.

On June 12, CQHCWC experts and leaders from Xiushan county hospital for women and children exchanged views on the screenings for cervical cancer and breast cancer.

They discussed the necessity of the setting up a breast surgery department at a district and county-level hospital for women and children.

On June 13, CQHCWC experts gave lectures to local medical staff members on the current situation and significance of breast cancer screening, ultrasound screening and diagnosis of breast cancer.

They also looked at the application of minimally invasive breast surgery and standardized diagnosis and treatment of mastitis.

While applying strict COVID-19 prevention and control measures the CQHCWC experts, together with local doctors, provided free clinics for local environmental protection bureau staff members and sanitation workers.

The applied specialized physical examinations and conducted ultrasound examinations and health consultations.

They provided diagnoses and gave treatment advice to residents being screened for breast problems, as well as advised participating residents on the importance of regular breast examinations.