Notes for patients & their families

Updated: 2020-05-06


To improve COVID-19 control and implement measures related to preventing the coronavirus from re-entering the country to cause a new epidemic, according to the requirements of relevant departments for epidemic prevention and control, Chongqing Health Center for Women and Children (CQHCWC) hereby announces the following:

1. Notes to people coming to CQHCWC:

All personnel coming to the hospital (including patients and their family members) should be prepared and cooperate with relevant work according to the following requirements:

(1). Obtain the health code or Yu-Health code in advance for pre-examination and triage of nurses and doctors to check you when you arrive at the hospital, so as to shorten the waiting time and improve the efficiency of diagnosis.

(2). Cooperate with pre-examination, triage and screening.

(3). Take personal protective measures, wear masks, and keep a certain distance from others.

2. Notes on outpatient visits:

(1). An online appointment system has been fully implemented for outpatient visits. Using Chongqing 12320 Health Information Service Platform for appointments is recommended. Other appointment routes include CQHCWC WeChat public account and Alipay City Service.

(2). Please arrange a time to come to the hospital according to the predicted treatment period prompted by the online appointment system to avoid crowding.

(3). Strictly abide by other relevant outpatient regulations to reduce the risk of cross-infection.

3. Notes for inpatients and their families:

(1). Strictly abide by the hospital's regulations for accompanying, and hospitalized patients who need to be accompanied shall be appointed an escort staff member and receive registration, wrist band management, and will enter and leave the ward with the accompanying certificate or access control card.

(2). Visits are now prohibited to avoid crowding.

(3). During hospitalization, patients and their accompanying staff member need to wear masks in a standardized manner, consciously abide by the ward's management regulations and, in principle, should not leave the ward without permission, and it is forbidden to visit other wards or gather and chat with other people.

4. Requirements for nucleic acid detection:

(1). All non-emergency inpatients and their caregivers need to receive the novel coronavirus nucleic acid test before admission. They can make an appointment for hospitalization after the test result is confirmed to be negative. Patients and their caregivers need to provide the certificate of their negative nucleic acid test results before going to inpatients.

(2). Emergency inpatients need to be tested for the novel coronavirus lgM/lgG antibody immediately upon admission and for novel coronavirus nucleic acid if the antibody test results are positive.

(3). A novel coronavirus nucleic acid test is required within 38 weeks of pregnancy or within a week before the planned admission. Only when the negative nucleic acid test results are obtained at the hospital, can the patient be admitted to hospital directly.

(4). Patients undergoing outpatient hysteroscopic surgery need to be tested for novel coronavirus nucleic acids before undergoing surgery.

(5). Patients undergoing outpatient surgery at the Institute of Reproduction and Genetics of CQHCWC Qixinggang Hospital and the Family Planning Department of CQHCWC Ranjiaba Hospital are required to undergo detection of the lgM/lgG antibody to the novel coronavirus.

(6). Outpatients can see a doctor normally after the pre-examination, triage and screening process, and if they have fever symptoms, they will be referred to the fever clinic for novel coronavirus nucleic acid testing.

(7). Those who volunteer to accept the novel coronavirus nucleic acid test at their own expense should make an appointment in advance at the Chongqing 12320 Health Information Service Platform, and then go to the nucleic acid specimen collection office for testing after the examination form is issued by the convenience clinic. In principle, our hospital only accepts appointments for women and children.

(8). The standard charge for nucleic acid detection of novel coronavirus is 286 yuan ($40.35). The nucleic acid detection results can be given through the WeChat public account of CQHCWC, and paper reports can be printed by hospital self-help machines.