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Two mistakes about breast massage

Updated: 2020-03-18


Breast cancer ranks number one in the incidence of malignant tumors in women in the nation, experts say.  Not surprisingly, how to care for your breasts and keeping a lookout for any abnormalities has become a hot topic among many women. Many businesses have targeted business opportunities associated with that concern and launched various breast massage-related services. 

So, can massages really keep your breasts healthy?

1. Breast massage does not play a role in breast enhancement, nor does it prevent breasts from sagging.

The breast is composed of two parts: the mammary gland and a collection of fatty cells called adipose tissue. The development of the mammary gland will go through two peak periods of puberty and lactation. 

Heredity, nutrition and hormone secretions are also the main factors affecting the development of breast. Breast massage cannot promote the development of mammary gland again.

Long periods of massage or forced massage will cause swelling of the local breast tissue. In addition, some businesses add a lot of estrogen into their massage oil. However, the absolute or relative increase of estrogen level will lead to the imbalance of human endocrines, which will increase the risk of breast cancer.

The main causes of breast ptosis are internal aging and external force. In addition, loose ligaments, obesity and excessive weight loss are also important factors leading to breast ptosis.

2. Breast massage cannot prevent breast hyperplasia and breast cancer.

Hyperplasia of the mammary gland is mainly related to female endocrine and it will appear in periodic change of hyperplasia with the change of hormone levels. It is mainly manifested as breast pain and lumps. Most of them are normal physiological phenomena and the possibility of it becoming cancerous is very small. Even in the presence of long-term, severe pain or lumps, breast massage does nothing.

Cancer cells are hidden in the breast, which can be controlled and removed in time by means of regular operation, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and targeted treatment. However, unscientific massage methods will only aggravate the existing breast problems and even cause the metastasis and diffusion of cancer cells.

How to do breast care properly?

1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise properly, eat a balanced diet, eat more fruit and vegetables, crude fiber, fish, milk and other foods, eat fewer foods with high fat and high sugar and use less or no hormone-rich items.

2. Keep your mood upbeat.

Adverse psychological factors can cause complex endocrine disorders. Learn to regulate your feelings and seek help from family, friends or psychologists when necessary.

3. Conduct regular physical examinations; seek medical treatment in good time when there are health problems.