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Causes, precautions for lumbago after cesarean delivery

Updated: 2020-03-13


Causes of lumbago after cesarean section:

1. Pelvic ligament relaxation and pelvic deformation.

2. Physiological difficulties with bending the body, caused by pregnancy.

3. Separation of rectus abdominis leads to weakening of abdominal muscle group.

4. Physiological calcium deficiency.

5. Overworked.

6. Lying in bed for too long.

7. Postpartum weight gain.

8. Other causes: Pre-existing lumbar disease; postpartum inflammation; postpartum abdominal adhesions.


1. Prenatal precaution: reasonable diet and weight control.

2. Postpartum: ensure sufficient sleep, change position in bed regularly, avoid bending and standing for a long time, avoid too much force and do not exercise too early.

3. Appropriate calcium supplements: eat more calcium-rich foods, take more sun and promote calcium absorption.

4. If symptoms for lumbago appear, massage and physiotherapy should be done regularly. If this does not provide relief, go to the hospital and see the doctor in good time.