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Five things that new mothers should know

Updated: 2020-03-09


Here are some answers to the problems that new mothers may encounter in current COVID-19 outbreak situation.

1. How to distinguish fever caused by COVID-19 from fever caused by breast enhancement?

For the new moms less than one month after delivery, it is easy to contract disease due to the decrease of resistance caused by a weaker physical condition or postpartum or post childbirth fever and a lack of sufficient sleep.

The causes of postpartum fever are mainly as follows:

(1). Swelling and pain in partial breasts due to galactosis.

(2). Infectious fever, mostly due to wound infection, often accompanied by breast's partial inflamed, hot and painful, with abnormal secretions.

(3). Upper respiratory tract infection, often accompanied by a headache, nasal obstruction, cough, runny nose and other symptoms.

Postpartum fever is mostly caused by galactosis, if the new mom is accompanied by breast local symptoms of fever, first considers this reason.

The effective way for relief is to try to change the position for breast-feeding and apply a cold compress onto the breast after breast-feeding. After the milk is discharged, the question can gradually be reduced.

Be vigilant if:

(1). Within two weeks before fever, you have been exposed to a suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19.

(2). There's a cluster outbreak of COVID-19 at your place of residence.

2. How to deal with serious lumbago and backpain during childbirth confinement?

(1). Eat a reasonable diet to avoid the injury of lumbar muscles and ligaments due to the excessive weight gain and the increase of waist fat.

(2). Moderate exercise, avoid standing and sitting for a long time or bending and hunching for a long time, so that the waist muscles can be relaxed as much as possible. Change your nursing position frequently. New mothers after childbirth should wear comfortable and soft flat-heeled shoes and should not perform high-intensity exercise prematurely.

(3). Appropriate calcium supplements. More calcium rich foods such as milk, bean products, fish should be consumed, calcium tablets should be taken for those who are seriously short of calcium and vitamin D should be supplemented properly to promote the absorption of calcium.

(4). Local massage or hot compresses can promote blood circulation, relax muscles and reduce pain.

If after using the above methods, symptoms are not relieved and they seriously affect your quality of life, it is recommended you go to hospital for treatment.

3. Can infants continue to be breastfed during the outbreak? What should be paid attention to in the process of breastfeeding?

The main modes of transmission of COVID-19 include droplet transmission and close contact transmission. There is no evidence that the virus can be transmitted to babies through milk.

Infants and young children are a susceptible population. Insisting on breastfeeding can provide strong immune protection for them.

4. How should a mom who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 act when it comes to breastfeeding?

Suspected cases, confirmed cases and those who have not recovered after diagnosis should suspend breastfeeding. It is recommended to consult a doctor before resuming breastfeeding.

During the period of breastfeeding suspension, reduce the intake of foods that promote milk secretion, ensure milking every two to three hours to maintain lactation and pay attention to milking at night to facilitate subsequent breastfeeding under the guidance of a doctor after healing.

You can use hot compresses or massage the breasts to keep the mammary ducts open and avoid breast swelling caused by milk siltation by milking. If breast swelling has occurred, avoid hot compresses and treat as directed by your doctor.

5. Is contraception needed after resuming sexual life after delivery?

After the new mom's body is basically restored to normal and sexual life is restored, at this time, most of her own fertility has also returned to normal.

In the early post birth period, especially for lactating mothers, it is not advisable to take oral contraceptives, nor to use the safe period or in vitro ejaculation. You can use external contraceptive measures and ensure that each sexual life is used normally and continuously. After the epidemic is over, you can go to the hospital to implement a long-acting reversible contraceptive method.