CQHCWC debuts electronic health card for consultations

Updated: 2020-03-05


Chongqing Health Center for Women and Children (CQHCWC) launched a new electronic health card function on its WeChat public platform on Feb 26 -- to facilitate consultations with residents and treatment at the CQHCWC and other local hospitals at all levels in Chongqing.

CQHCWC officials said the card is based on the national residents' electronic health card platform and a self-check system for the novel coronavirus pneumonia.

According to a statement on the CQHCWC website, citizens of Chongqing, in southwestern China, can apply for a personal electronic health card on the hospital's public WeChat account.

After getting the card, they can scan a QR code to register at hospital, see a doctor, pay, get medicine, check medical examination reports and other services in public hospitals at all levels.

The electronic health card is a kind of cross-hospital and cross-regional health service card, which officials said could help solve the problem of medical cards not being universal for medical institutions in various places.

They said the initiative is supported by the self-check system for the coronavirus -- launched by CQHCWC and Tencent -- which is based on the cross-regional and cross-institutional medical and health information of residents connected by the electronic health card.

It can screen those diagnosed with the condition, suspected carriers, close contacts of infected people -- as well as health personnel -- using green, yellow and red colors to rate people's health status.

This will help provide the patients with safe medical care during the epidemic prevention period.