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Peng Song


Personal resume: Peng Song, male, born in September 1979, graduated from Chongqing Medical University with a doctoral degree. He began working in July 2003 and is now a deputy chief physician.

Medical diagnosis and treatment field and expertise: He has been engaged in clinical work of oncology, radiation therapy and ultrasound-guided interventional therapy for 9 years, and has been engaged in clinical imaging for 4 years. He has rich clinical experience in ultrasound-guided interventional therapy for tumors, and has unique insights into the general radiotherapy, CT and magnetic resonance diagnosis of common gynecological and pediatric diseases, frequently-occurring diseases and difficult cases.

Published works and other projects: He has participated in six projects, including one project of the National "12th Five Year Plan" Science and Technology Support Program and one China-EU Cooperation Project. He has published more than 30 papers, including seven SCI and 11 CSCD core papers. He has participated in the compilation of a written textbook and a video textbook.