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Chen Wen


Personal resume: Dr. Chen Wen (female) was born in February 1964, graduating from Chongqing Medical University (BMS), and entering service in July 1987. Dr. Chen is the chief physician of the pediatrics department, a member of the Perinatal Medicine Association of Chongqing Medical Association, and a member of the Nutritionist Branch of Chinese Neonatologist Association of Chinese Medical Doctor Association.

Medical diagnosis and treatment field and expertise: Dr. Chen has dedicated nearly thirty years of service as a clinical pediatrician and has accumulated practical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of infant breathing difficulties, septicemia, shock, necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC); and the systematically optimizing of the nutrition of the preterm infant, evaluation and early intervention of high-risk infants.

Published works and other projects: Dr. Chen is responsible for and participates in six clinical research projects, among which the Research on the Protein Difference Between Preterm Infants and Full-Term Infants, the Research on Internal Nutrition on Low Birth Weight Preterm Infants, the Study on Early Different Doses of Amino Acid Supplementation in Preterm Infants, and the Multicenter Clinical Research on Early Different Doses of Pulmonary Surfactant are closed. Dr. Chen has also published nearly ten theses on journals both domestic and abroad, including four papers in Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD).