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Gong Hua


Personal resume: Dr. Gong Hua (female) was born in July 1975, graduating from the Pediatrics School of Chongqing Medical University (BMS), and entering service in July 1999. Dr. Gong is the associate chief physician of the pediatrics department.

Medical diagnosis and treatment field and expertise: Dr. Gong has dedicated seventeen years of service as a clinical pediatrician. Dr. Gong has participated in neonatal intensive care, nursing, and transport training program at Children's Hospital of Chongqing Medical University; and afterward the clinical application of pediatric ventilator and critically ill preterm infants care training program at Children's Hospital of Fudan University; and thereafter the aEEG training at Peking University First Hospital, and so on, and received the provincial certificate of neonatal resuscitation. Dr. Gong actively participated in the establishment of the NICU, and the high-risk infants follow up outpatient department. Dr. Gong is also responsible for supervising and guiding the pre-hospital aid and community hospitals. Dr. Gong is competent at organizing and performing major and medium emergency medical treatments and is experienced in infant respiratory distress syndrome, pulmonary hemorrhage, shock, the diagnosis and treatment of extremely low birth weight and very low birth weight infants.

Published works and other projects: Dr. Gong has participated in five research programs and is responsible for Study on Interdisciplinary Cooperation on Standardized Administration of Follow-up Care for and Early Intervention of Discharged High-risk Infants sponsored by Natural Science Foundation of Chongqing. Dr. Gong has published more than ten theses, of which seven papers were included in the Science Citation Index (SCI).